Don't Kill Your Pet

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When a pet is supposed to put to death, the vet enables it to take revenge.

I always was loyal to my owner. I was living in her house, I obeyed to each of her commands. We went for a walk each day, she put food in my bowl. She never had a reason to complain. I even obeyed when she brought me to the vet to get my balls removed - and even my other parts because she felt I shouldn't have them.

Later we went there again. That time he half-drugged me and put an endoscope into my throat and cut my vocal cords. I don't know where she met this vet, but I'm sure it's not what vets usually do.

But then we went there again. They chained me to a pole in the backyard and went into the house. They were loud, then she left. I would take anything from my owner but I can't take that! I was sad, confused and furious.

The vet came out and explained that she asked him to put me down, but he had other plans for me. He'd make sure that she'd receive justice for what she wanted to do to me that's what he said, but deep down I knew that's what he wanted for himself mostly. Still I followed him, he was my new owner, wasn't he? I always obeyed my owner.

He already had all the parts that he wanted to install into my body. Springs to make me faster, actuators to enhance my strength, semi-rigid body armor replacing large parts of my skin, the other parts with a subdermal layer to keep me warm. The soles of my feet were strong to match whatever I'd use my feet for and retractable claws made sure that I'd only maul the things I was supposed to.

He also put a chip into my brain and a connector box on the back of my skull, using them he can always talk to me and if I need to, I can alert him about things. It made me more vicious and also I started to dream about fighting skills, learning them in my sleep.

We trained a lot and one day I was ready to take on my former owner. The vet stayed in the car, watching everything remotely through my eyes, hearing everything through my ears.

I wanted this, too. I jumped over the fence to her villa, sneaked trough the bushes to the door. My skin's camouflage patterns nicely matched the garden, but on the path they were useless. I rang the bell, her voice answered. There were background noises, I recognized one of her friends who had kicked me almost to death while I was with her, the vet had told me of a third man who would even be worse than the other two combined.

I opened my mouth, the voice of the vet came from my throat: "Remember me? I'm Dr. Fry speaking. I sent your former sub to give you what you deserve. Today will be your last day in freedom." I heard his name now for the first time that day.

They immediately ran to fetch their guns. Immediately I felt Dr. Fry pressing the green button, giving me a command to do whatever I would with my opponent. I jumped back to gain momentum, then forward right through the door. She was close to the door, running away. A blow in her back dropped her to the floor. One was in the living room, aiming for the door. I jumped against one wall, the ceiling and then through the frame. His bullets went in completely different places, my claws sliced the skin from his face, my other hand slit his throat.

I shielded myself with the currently-dying body from a third person but it was just a sub, his arms and legs were cut right below the elbows and knees, his face was in the process of being stretched with a subdermal mask into a snout. He wore nothing but a collar. This was not my threat. Some part of me envied the snout … no time for that.

In the not-blinking of a camera eye (mine) I grabbed a large pillow and darted to the kitchen. turning on the stove and the toaster would blow the main fuse, that's what I did while ignoring a different sub - a fresh one, most likely involuntary - cowering on the ground. Now to the cellar.

I opened the door, darkness was ahead, too dark even for infrared vision. A faint sound of heavy breathing revealed the third man. I held the pillow in front of the door - nothing. I threw it down - three shots killed Mr. Pillow. I jumped all the stairs down towards the flash from the gun, a bullet hit one of my armor plates and I hit first the gun with my chest, then the man, pinning him to the ground. I took some extra time choking him till he was unconscious.

There was plenty of materials to gag and bind them - off cause after removing their clothes. I got the keys of the cars, her sports car would be useless, the Model 3 equally but the third one had a big sprinter with "free candy" sprayed on the side. Dr. Fry used my implants to drive it, we parked it in front of the house and opened it. There were cages for involuntary subs and seats for the guards, I used two cells for the packages and carried the sub from he living room into the van.

My former owner did have pills to drug people and make them forget recent events. I gave one to the sub in the kitchen, he swallowed it without being commanded. The rest of the pills, the guns and the wallets, a few generic valuables and especially the computer went into the van and again Dr. Fry did drive.

My former owner wasn't known to others in the organization, only the two men knew her and off cause Dr. Fry. With a little bit conditioning and an implanted transmitter she helped to reveal where involuntary subs (like her) were trained. When her training was complete, the facilities and a lot of bad guys were gone forever.

The one man who survived was a big player in capturing humans, he was arranged to be arrested and when some corrupt cops tried to free him, they left in body bags - my doing. The "dog" we found wasn't involuntary, we gave him proper dog legs (four of them) and finished his snout. He lives inside the house. I too got my snout, but I prefer human limbs. I like living outside, guarding my owner's property. It's my choice and as long as Dr. Fry will be loyal, I'll be, too.