Thou Art God

This is my answer to someone saying "I want to be God" (with slight changes)

Your first task ist to create the heavens and spacetime. But spacetime is empty and without form. It's dark. Your spirit is hovering above this empty sea of nothingness. You say "Let there be light" and lo, there is light. It's good but too bright for anything to exist so you spread the universe to cool it down. By doing this you divide it into light and darkness, night and day.

On the second day you make the matter collapse. Lumps of compressed hydrogen with a little sprinkling of helium and lithium clump together wherever you put something people might call dark matter, because they would not be able to see your working. First they are dark, but then they ignite into suns. These suns are bright and heavy and soon they collapse and push out the trash they burned. Not so good. By the laws you ordered them to obey, you make these trash into something precious, planets around small and steady stars, having night and day.

On one of these lumps of molten lava, you smash another planetoid. It generates a ring of debris. Under the still opaque shell of gas, you balance the amount of water and the amount of solidified magma to form a pattern. You call these magma plates earth and the waters seas. It's good, but you are not yet done, for only a fraction of your day has passed yet. You order these plates to generate life, eventually everything we'll see, and it starts doing so. It's good too and you have yet another rest.

On the fourth day, you make the firnament be transparent and lo, there you saw all the other suns you made, you could see the earthball rotating. You make the ring of debris collapse first into two moons circeling each other, then gently smashing into each other and mixing themselves into a small light on that particular heavenly firnament, accompanying the big light that from now on would covern the cycles on that planet. You adjust the big light a little so that it's still balanced. It's good, your rest is well-deserved.

On your fifth day you care a lot about the creatures in the oceans, but the things that land on the dry lands are yet doomed to perish, for you are just about to change the atmosphere into something breathable. You set in motion all the things that will eventually lead to birds and bees and them being metaphors. When you see that it's good, you tell them to multiply and to evolve according to your plan. You take your rest.

On your sixth day you see that it's now time to populate the dry land. From now on you take extra care about each of your creations. You don't mind the big majestic dinosaurs, you know they'll eventually turn into the birds. You care about a tiny rodent so it will be prepared to survive the big asteroid and to take the place of the dinosaurs. It first looks just like a catastrophe, but soon everything works according to your plan. It's good.

Still on that day you decide that one of these creatures shall do your work on earth. You make it more smart but not too smart than the others, just capable enough to rule over all other things and keep everything in order. You intentionally make everybody and everything capable of governing themselves, because you don't want puppets on a string. That one creature does not yet know about good and evil, it can give birth without pain, does not need to fear disease and isn't yet capable of sinning. you share a part of your spirit with them, and by being like they are, their spirit can return to you. That way, they have eternal life. It's very good.

On the seventh day, you rest.

But the snake, being the most cunning animal, was nudged to not obey your will. The enemy intervened and made it go after the woman you formed. The snake keeps pursing her and shows her that despite knowing evil, their human body would live. The woman said, we need to be smart and know about good end evil to evade that snake. Her children became smarter, man and woman, until eventually mankind was smart enough to evade the snake and to kick the snake's head, but at the same time the human head would be almost too large for the hips and the creation would no longer support mankind without seeding and harvesting extra food. By knowing evil, mankind became capable of sin and the share of your spirit that they inherited from their ancestors would be spoiled by them still doing evil in spite of knowing. At first they were willing to purge these parts from within, but more and more would not, until there was just one tribe left who would, the tribe of Noah.

Once more you purge mankind, and from now on you offer more guidance. Some people follow your guide, some don't, but if you'd make them do whatever you want, you'd first have to destroy the very thing that makes them special, their soul, the part holding their share of the spirit and the part that would eventually allow them to join you.

You grieve about everyone who wastes their share, but you realize that only by allowing them to be as they are, by your guidance and by your grace, some of them can be saved.