NameGrößeBeschreibung  (file)
CHKRAM.COM82  (file)boot sector virus detector, to be run by autoexec.bat.
coded in debug, so there is no seperate source
Die Staemme314  (dir)
HTML14  (dir)
Message-ID-filter.txt1367  (file)
Silbengenerator-release-2016-03-07.tgz18 K(file)
Spiegel-de52  (dir)
Vigener.tar.gz20 K(file)
WI-MFF314  (dir)
bgz.tar.gz8599  (file)
css278  (dir)
dglist54  (dir)tool for printing various checksumes for each file, needs libdigest
dnsserver.pl3601  (file)Ein mimimalistischer DNS-Server in Perl
dyndnslogin.pl1886  (file)
fork1155  (file)Forks the given command for each CPU.
libdigest r1.targ.gz38 K(file)a collection of digest algorhythms
link-extract.pl2013  (file)
list2re36  (dir)
lnk2symlink309  (file)
mp3248  (dir)
mp3info-TAGp74  (dir)mp3info with ID3v1.1+-support (longer entries)
mviso2utf187  (file)
napshare-filter94  (dir)Originally designed as a filter for napshare, this tool has become useful for automatically renaming most mp3s correctly
netpbmhelp.tar.gz2631  (file)
niki44  (dir)Niki, der Roboter. Nachprogrammiert.
patches0  (dir)
planets3396  (dir)
pmv2060  (file)Perl-Move. Applies a perl expression to each filename and renames the file accordingly.
rdesktop136  (dir)
recover-ext292  (dir)
scratch178  (dir)
spam+mail244  (dir)Mail- und Anti-Spam-Tools
ssh-wrapper.tar.gz1988  (file)A wrapper around ssh
wcc-2005-02-258816  (file)
wfm318  (dir)
yaku-ns454  (dir)