Mail- und Anti-Spam-Tools

fsmtpd618  (dir)fsmtpd ist eine SMTP-Spamtrap mit Sugarplum-Web-Server und Proxy-Emulation
gwhois-20050115-modularized.tar.gz33 K(file)
mbx2eml73  (file)
metasend.pl44  (dir)Reimplementation of metasend in perl.
mime-analyzer336  (dir)swiss army knife for MIME-encoded mail
* spam and virus filter filter (with procmail)
* mail classifier for pre-sorting responses from abuse@*
* copy individual parts out of mails
* display structure of mails
* extract urls
mime-parse-scan294  (dir)Tool for analyzing mail and detecting spam and viruses by blacklist and reliable heuristics (so far no false positives here). Uses f-prot to scan for viruses, except for spam-search mode. Can detect abuse@-auto-replies. Can copy out unknown binaries or all mail-body parts.
New versions will be named mail-analyzer (see ../mail-analyzer/)
spamform168  (dir)Spamform will automatically fill out your web form with garbage data. Nice for testing your server performance.
wac-wcc.tar.gz1875  (file)
wcc28  (dir)